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  • Why choose Quicker Heating's hydronic radiant floor heating system?

    Why choose Quicker Heating as your next heating specialist? In four words, our systems are simple, compact, efficient and affordable. In a Quicker Heating solution, the pump and elements go on together, heating the water and shutting off once the required room temperature has been reached. The system heats up faster than the more complicated systems on the market. The pump is only on for as long as it needs to be, saving you money! As there are no circuit boards in our system, there is less chance of something going wrong. If something does go wrong it is a quick, inexpensive fix. Our solutions are built and designed for your specific heating requirements. They are compact and are simple to install and once installed are virtually maintenance free. However, we do offer installation services if required.

    Our Origins

    Quicker Heating was born when our uncle could not find a radiant floor heating system to suit his needs. He designed a hydronic radiant floor heating pump of his own - a simple system without circuit boards that quickly heats up and is efficient. As word spread about his new effective heating pump, our family began installing it in their own homes. He continued to refine and improve his heating pump. In 2011, he took the final step and had the system CSA approved. We believe so much in the quality of our uncle's product that upon his retirement we bought his company so that we can continue to offer what we believe is a superior heating solution to Canadians.

    We have always been a family run business and take pride in our workmanship. As we go on this adventure we want to do so with integrity, honesty and treat our customers with respect and build lasting friendships. This is why you should choose Quicker Heating as your next heating provider.